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Hosted by Kyah Green and Stephanie Malek, The Fandom Show is a celebration of Fandom. From boy bands to magical girls, Star Wars to star clusters, there is no shortage of things in this world to nerd-out about. The Fandom Show talks to guests about their favourite fandoms; why they love it, how they love it, and all the bizarre little details only a true fan would know. Join us for an hour of pure enthusiasm, where nerds are the coolest kids in town!

Produced by the The From Superheroes Network.

May 3, 2022

Holy sidekicks, Batman! Today we’re talking to our pod-mom and co-host of Talk From Superheroes, Diana McCallum (she/her) about the fandom that brings all the fun (with none of the ‘world saving’ pressure) - sidekicks! Specifically Robin! Hitch up your green briefs and get ready, because we’re learning all about various incarnations of the Boy Wonder, call-in murder votes, sidekick shift scheduling, the best (and gayest) costume variants and why finger stripes are extremely sexy.

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